This is the story of a small band of recalcitrants getting in way over their heads and (hopefully) living to tell about it.

The story takes place in Dourra, a world of my own imagining. The world has a fantasy setting with some slight steampunk elements in places. The majority of the world (and thus the story) is taken up by the large continent of Ruul, with several smaller continent-islands ruled by tribal groups of lesser races scattered about to the west of Ruul. Four major kingdoms rule this continent: Crysdale, the desert castle-town of the humans and their settlements along the eastern peninsula; Amon Sul, the Elf-kingdom tucked away in the corner of the forest who hold sway over the large Forest of Everlight that dominates the southwest part of the continent; Khet-burum, the Dwarven capital located deep in the central mountain region, with its secret entrances and complex tunnels; and Telperion, the large multi-racial city along the north coast of the continent who bear the largest army and navy, as well as being the center of trade between elves, dwarves, and men, as well as other lesser races.

The world has been generally peaceful for over a thousand years, though intermittent scourges of undead beasts pour out of the Frozen North and attack Telperion every five or six decades. During those times, Telperion declares martial law in their land, allowing no passage into or through their kingdom for several months while they fight off their besiegers. In recent years, the attacks have become more frequent, with the most recent wave bringing signs of evil and unrest to other parts of the continent. It is during this most recent, strongest wave of evil that our story begins.

The Will of the Three