The Will of the Three

The Story So Far

Head over mountain path, find undead at campsite, continue to Dresden.

Reach Dresden, attacked in the inn at night. Cap’n of the Guard asks them to investigate an orc camp to the north, they slay them all, find a sealed note, and return to Dresden.

Give note to Captain, they rest in the inn, wake to knocks at their doors, apparently something’s going down in town. They race to find a Necromancer holed up in an alley fighting guards, the nearest to him become undead, including the Captain. He springs off. PCs fight zombies, give chase. Necromancer halts them by threatening townsfolk, then summons a gargoyle to attack them.

Travel north, attacked by bandits shortly after leaving. They take a couple prisoner, make it to an inn where the food sickens them and their captives appear to fight them again. After they are all slain, the inn disappears and the Necromancer is seen in the distance riding north. The real inn is found shortly thereafter and they stay there.

Arrive at northern town, met up with Velacious who told them of the letter’s contents about some sort of powder that can be used to turn dead into undead. Asked to investigate the haunted cathedral north of town. PCs find cathedral, raid and pillage it, find Necromancer at the top. He watches twin baby dragons hatch, kill them, then sprinkle on powder turning them into zombies. Players fight them and win.

Players spend a night in town then head back to Dresden, are attacked by Orcs along the way when a mysterious ranger appears and helps them. They rout the orc camp and sleep. Mysterious one disappears.

Upon arrival to Dresden, new Captain and Velacious find the party and ask them what has gone on, then request that they send a message to the Druids. They leave town and are attacked by Gnolls along the way.

Make it to Steelport, regroup with the Ranger, head out, ship is attacked by Sahuagins and Locathahs. Kraken appears and begins to destroy the ship, they bail and take the children with them to a small cave where they slay a Hydra and a Vampire. They leave and head to the Elf port

Arrived at the Elven port. resupply, then head to the Druidic Grove, where they are told to talk to the king for further instruction. They arrive at Amon Sul at night, Falahar greets them and asks that they check upon the nearest guard outpost in the mountains. They find a cave, enter and fight their way to the bottom where the Necromancer, along with two others, are taking a Dragon Orb from behind a dead copper dragon. They fly away on the dragon after turning it undead, the party fights shadow mastiffs and return to the city.

At Amon Sul, they’re given treasures and arms and given the task to locate the other Dragon Orbs. They set out west and arrive at a nearby island by ship, where lizardfolk tribe attacks them. They slay them, set free their halfling captives, and head to the nearest halfling settlement

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